Scamander has fresh water swimming-holes as well as beaches and this pleases fishing folk. Grab fruit and vegetables from local growers and wander about the Winifred-Curtis reserve to see how Scamander exists on a naturally abundant coast. 


Scamander is a town that sits between two big tourist stops on Tasmania's east-coast, but we think it's worth more than a passing visit. 

On a top-notch stretch of coast, the opportunities for getting in the water are hard to pass up. With the river-mouth front and centre, Swims is an ideal spot to start or finish the morning surf-check, or just to watch the wind and waves on those less-than-ideal days. 


Just ask us if you want to get some tips on what we think are the best spots in the immediate area, further away, or in one of Tasmania's larger towns.

We don't know everything but we'll give it our best!